Volunteer Opportunities

Here's How to Get Involved

If you want to pick up some useful DIY skills while giving back, consider becoming a part of Habitat SHR’s mission! 

Please note, we are still not scheduling volunteers at this time. Please check back again for opportunities.


Volunteers must be 16 or older to help in our Restores, or 18 and up to help in Construction. Those under 16-18 volunteering without adult supervision in the ReStores must have a Youth Waiver on file signed by their parent/guardian. The Youth Waiver can be accessed below.

For Court Ordered Community Service volunteers please contact our volunteer office

at 757-640-0590 ext 207 before registering to volunteer.

We cannot accept violent offenders or those with larceny charges.

For information about our Corporate Team Build Program click here.

Habitat SHR has two primary volunteer opportunities,

helping in one of our ReStores or in Construction.

We have two ReStore locations, one in Virginia Beach and another in Norfolk. We build all over the South Hampton Roads area, so build sites could be anywhere from Suffolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth or Norfolk.

Individuals and groups can schedule themselves!

Below you will find three Volunteer Schedules, one for Construction and the other two for each of our ReStore locations. There are directions for how to complete a group registration on each of the schedules.  

Remember, when registering for a volunteer opportunity, please be sure you select the correct volunteer opportunity and/or location.

Want more information about other volunteer opportunities?

Please email volunteer@shrhabitat.org

We look forward to having you volunteer with us!

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