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Our Impact

Habitat homeowners and their families experience a positive, wide-reaching, and permanent impact. Simply having a quiet place to do homework and a safe environment in which to play greatly benefits children. Studies show that children of homeowners are:

  • 20% less likely to become teen parents

  • 25% more likely to graduate from high school

  • twice as likely to graduate college

  • 60% more likely to own their own homes within ten years of moving out of their parents’ household.


Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads continues to carry out our mission that was established more than 30 years ago.​

Family Stories

Meet the families we serve


"I now have the opportunity to build a foundation to have a safe, stable, affordable home for my son and I for the rest of our lives."

Meet The
Belkharaz Family

"We are so excited and feel blessed to be matched into a home."

Meet The
Outlaw Family

"I thank GOD and HABITAT for HUMANITY for choosing me to become a homeowner. I am so thankful, appreciative and so grateful to become a part of the HABITAT HUMANITY COMMUNITY.
There is life after disappointment, GOD is the way."

Meet The
Wilson Family

"I can finally have a piece of mind when I close my eyes at night knowing that my family will be safe and living in our OWN home!"

Meet The
Baker Family

"Without Habitat's help, I may not have ever been able to give my kids a home of our own. God put Habitat for Humanity in my life as a blessing."

Meet The
Pearson Family

"This is my story, it started when I was 17, but truly it started before I was born, it was all planned."

Meet The
Miller Family

"If you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day, but if you teach someone how to fish then you feed them for a lifetime."

Meet The
Leach-Herring Family

"I never imagined in all of my childhood years that I would own a home in Suffolk VA. All the obstacles that I faced, growing up in New York City, living in an overcrowded house with family..."

Meet The
Alexander Family

"Samantha decided it was time for her and her two kids to find a forever home. During their search, their neighborhood was becoming increasingly dangerous..."

Meet The
Waters Family

"Being a homeowner means being happy. Being proud. And mostly believing in yourself, and that you can have anything you want, especially if you put sweat into it."

Meet The
Clemons Family

"All I can say is God is good! Keep believing in yourself, keep striving, do not look at your past. Have faith and anything is possible! Habitat made a way for us and we will be forever grateful!"

Meet The
Skeens Family

"...whenever I dreamed of owning my house I knew I wanted it to be in South Norfolk. While going to work one morning, I noticed a house with a “Habitat for Humanity” sign on the lawn..."

Read their Story

Annual Reports

Past Reports:

Financial Overview

Current 990
FY 2023 Audited Financials

Here at Habitat SHR, we are committed to making sure that 86% of all donations received to support our housing programs. That means that 86% of every donation directly funds the creation of homeownership opportunities for hardworking, low-income families right here in South Hampton Roads.



When you donate to Habitat SHR, you can trust that you’re making a contribution to a sound organization with a stable financial future. Habitat SHR generates income to maintain expenses and to fund invaluable building programs in a variety of ways:


  • collecting mortgage payments from homeowners

  • fundraising, receiving grant funding from local governments

  • harnessing profits from our two retail store locations.


​Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads (Habitat SHR) is committed to protecting the personal information it receives in conjunction with receiving donations. Personal information is required to keep a record of donation transactions, to acknowledge donations (including any restrictions), to provide appropriate tax receipt documentation, to keep the donor informed of how the donation is used to support the Habitat SHR mission and to establish an ongoing communications link with the donor. Please review our donor privacy policy here.

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