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Pitchkettle Road Progress

Our Pitchkettle Road build is complete, despite the COVID-19 pandemic!

Because home construction is considered an essential business, even during this time of social distancing, we were able to complete the build this week, with the careful coordination of our construction crew, sub-contractors and city inspectors. Construction manager, Mike Moranha, was able to supervise the build site following all current government guidelines, keeping the number of workers on the site below ten, and maintaining proper social distancing limitations.

Our sub-contractors were able to complete their work on the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems with minimal contact with others. They were able to get their final inspections completed thanks to the City of Suffolk’s awesome building inspectors.

Meanwhile, when sub-contractors weren’t on site, Mike was assisted by the Red Hats, our volunteer crew leaders, who worked diligently these past couple of weeks putting the final touches on the house. They’ve set the countertops, trimmed out the front and back porches, finished installing interior trim work, caulked windows and doors, and set the appliances. This week they are on the site one last day to complete the final punch list items.

We couldn’t have done it without Mike and the Red Hats hard work and dedication. It is through their persistence to get the build completed that another Habitat SHR family will be able to close on the purchase of their home soon. Their dream of home ownership will finally be coming true. We hope they enjoy their new home in the years to come.

We will be placing a hold on any further builds, until social distancing orders have been eased, but have two builds in the plans already, one on South Broad Street in Suffolk, and the other in the historic South Norfolk borough of Chesapeake. We look forward to helping two more hard-working, low income families reach their dream of home ownership.



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