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Are You Prepared? Hurricane Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Preparing for hurricane season is important every year, but during the COVID-19 pandemic there are additional measures you need to consider to keep you and your family safe, should a hurricane impact our area. It’s better to be prepared now, before a hurricane makes its way up the coast toward us, because many stores shelves are already depleted of important supplies you should have on hand should you need to evacuate your home.

Should you need to evacuate, you should have a kit of personal supplies including hand sanitizer, soap, face clothes and face coverings to help keep you safe from COVID-19. Remember, there may be restrictions to the number of people shelters will be able to accommodate to ensure everyone is able to maintain 6’ distances from each other, so have a backup plan for where you might be able to shelter in.

Even if you are not evacuating, you should always be prepared for any eventuality during a hurricane. You should have non-perishable food and water enough for everyone in your family to last at least 3 days, and don’t forget about your pets. Also, find that manual can opener stored at the back of your utensil drawer, you’ll need it if the power is out. Check your flashlights and have spare batteries ready. If you have a generator, be sure it is in working condition and store your filled gas cans in a safe place.

Also, make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked, and get your prescription medicine filled. Store any important documents in a waterproof container. And get those cards and board games ready, because once your kids’ handheld video games batteries die, they’re going to get bored really quick.

Below are some good resources to check out for more information about being prepared for a hurricane and how to prepare for one during the COVID-19 pandemic. But overall, remember, though our region tends to think we won’t get hit that hard, it’s still always best to be prepared in the likely chance we do get hit.

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