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Build Weeks

This unique opportunity brings local heroes together, to do what they do best - serve our community!

In preparation for this two week event volunteers partner together to raise funds to support the mission of Habitat.  Over a two week period volunteers then work with their fundraising teams to help build a home for a local family while making new connections with other community members.


Thanks to our volunteers and sponsors that made our first annual event a success!

If you are interested in participating in or supporting the next event contact:

Heroes Build Week 2021

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Women Build Weeks

Each year, during the week-long event, women from across South Hampton Roads build alongside our Habitat team (and maybe our families!). Volunteers learn construction skills or even teach others some skills, while building new friendships and business connections.

Women helping women sends a positive and powerful message, and creates a lasting impact in the lives of our Habitat families and our community. This year our women volunteers were empowered to support a family build a stable home where their family will grow and thrive.

Thanks to our volunteers and sponsors for helping make this year's 3rd Annual Women Build Week event a success!

If you'd like to join our planning team and make next year's event even bigger and better contact:

Women Build Week 2023