Youth Volunteering

We know that the youth in our community have a lot to offer!


Although our volunteers must be 16 or older to work help in our ReStores (see youth waiver below), and 18 or older to help in construction, there are still ways youth can help. Check out the list below to see how you and your family or group can still give back to Habitat.


Snack bags:   Support our construction volunteers by making snack bags for them! Add non-perishable food that will give them energy to build like granola bars, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, and goldfish.


Thank you notes:   Write and decorate thank you notes for our construction and ReStore volunteers!


Collect tools:   Host a tool drive and help collect tools we always use, and donate them to our construction office. Items like tape measures, speed squares, pencils, and more. Contact us for a full list of recommended items for donation for construction use.  


Start a Fundraiser:   Ask your principal and teachers if you can start a Nickels for Nails fundraiser at school! Have each class compete to see who can collect the most nickels to go towards purchasing construction supplies to build homes in your community. We can even provide you with coin banks shaped like houses!


Mini construction:   Build flower boxes, construct bird houses, or paint flower pots to give to our families for their new homes!


Stock the kitchen:   Collect kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies and other household items for a house warming gift basket for our families’ new homes!



Please contact the Volunteer Department for information on getting your youth involved.


Looking for our Youth Waiver?

Volunteers 16-18 volunteering in our ReStores without a parent or guardian must have a signed youth waiver on file with out volunteer office. Click on the link below for the Youth Waiver and how to submit it: 

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