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This Week in Construction: 11/30/21 Cedar Street

Our volunteers and sub-contractors have been working hard on our build on Cedar Street in Suffolk. We have walls!! Volunteers have put up the back fence, started to hang interior doors and are prepping for paint. Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) came out last week to install window sills and finish the siding above the porch and completed nailing on the last of the slats on the fence.

This week they will be painting the trim work, hanging the rest of the doors and starting to install the kitchen cabinets. December 4th will be the first Women Build Club (WBC) build! We're super excited to have members come out and help on the build, and after they will have an informal social at a local brewery.

If you want to learn more about HYP or WBC check out our Long Term Volunteer Programs page:

The house is coming along well and we are looking to have the Outlaw family in by the New Year!


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