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The Outlaw Family Children Visit Their Future Home

Shaquita Outlaw brought her two sons, Keon and Kyler, and her younger sister, Aurora, whom she is seeking custody, out to their future home in Suffolk this past weekend. What a joy it was to get to see the children pick out their bedrooms!

Keon showed us where he was going to plug in his "phone" to charge it (mom assured us he doesn't have one, LOL) and where he would hang his clothes. Little Aurora was so excited to see her future room, she was all smiles. And little Kyler? He was so overjoyed to see his, that he couldn't help but dance and run around his bedroom.

The children then took a few moments to watch the kids across the street playing football and to hide in Aurora's future closet. We know the family will thrive in their new home and can't wait to see how they make it their home soon.

They will have a new home, for a new start, in the new year, and we can't be any more excited about it then them.


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