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Meet The

Alexander Family

"Samantha decided it was time for her and her two kids to find a forever home. During their search, their neighborhood was becoming increasingly dangerous..."

Meet The

Baker Family

"Without Habitat's help, I may not have ever been able to give my kids a home of our own. God put Habitat for Humanity in my life as a blessing."

Meet The

Clemons Family

"All I can say is God is good! Keep believing in yourself, keep striving, do not look at your past. Have faith and anything is possible! Habitat made a way for us and we will be forever grateful!"

Meet The

Wilson Family

"I can finally have a piece of mind when I close my eyes at night knowing that my family will be safe and living in our OWN home!"

Meet The

Leach-Herring Family

"I never imagined in all of my childhood years that I would own a home in Suffolk VA. All the obstacles that I faced, growing up in New York City, living in an overcrowded house with family..."

Meet The

Skeens Family

"...whenever I dreamed of owning my house I knew I wanted it to be in South Norfolk. While going to work one morning, I noticed a house with a “Habitat for Humanity” sign on the lawn..."

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