Home Owner Repair Programs

We are currently ONLY accepting requests for home modifications and repairs for

Veterans with Disabilities.


Due to the high volume of requests for repairs we have received, we are NOT accepting requests for any other repairs at this time. 

Please check back at a later date.

In the meantime, please try calling the phone number: 2-1-1.
This is a free service that may be able to help you find additional resources that may be able assist you. 

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Habitat SHR Home Repair Program's mission is to assist low-income and disabled homeowners with much need home repairs to make their homes warm, safe and dry. We also address repairs that are a potential health risk to the home's inhabitants.


 We currently manage the City of Chesapeake's Critical Home Repair program and have grant funding to assist in other cities. 

If you are seeking assistance for critical home repairs such as needing a new roof, assistance with your HVAC, plumbing, or electrical systems, you may qualify for one of our programs.


Please carefully read below before completing our form to request assistance.


To qualify for repairs, you must have proof of home owners insurance and your home must be built on a permanent foundation (slab, block, or crawl).  



  1.  Primary residence must be within South Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Smithfield/Isle of Wight)

  2.  Primary residence must be a single-family dwelling.

  3.  Primary residence must be owned by the applicant.

  4. Home must be located on a permanent foundation, be it block, slab or crawlspace. Mobile homes must be on permanent foundations. (There are limits to what we may be able to assist with on a mobile home.)

  5.  Must have owned and lived primarily in their residence, without interruption, for at least the preceding 24 months.

  6.  Must be willing to commit to owning and primarily living in their residence for at least 60 months following the affiliate’s completion of repairs on it.

  7. Must have proof of home owner's insurance. 

  8.  Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

  9.  Current annual total household income for all adults over 18 living in the home should be no greater than 60% of the current Area Median Income (AMI) in South Hampton Roads. 2022 AMI is $93,500

  10. Must not have any past due mortgage or property taxes.

  11. Must have demonstrated need for a repair that will return the home to “Warm, Safe, and Dry” condition

  12. Must provide all documentation to determine qualification.

  13. Must be willing to sign a Habitat SHR Home Repair Agreement which indicates that should you sell the home within five years, you will be responsible to reimbursing the costs of your repairs back to Habitat SHR. 

General Process:

  1. When we are able to accept requests, you will be placed on a waitlist, depending on whether or not you are a veteran or if you live in the City of Chesapeake. 

  2. Once funding is available, depending on where the funds are available to assist, we make calls off the wait list to see if those waiting are still seeking help with repairs.  

  3. We will schedule an assessment of your home, and take pictures the areas of the home that need repairs. When repair funding is secured through HUD we will also need to take pictures of the front, sides and back of the home to submit for a historical resources review.

  4. You will be asked to complete an application. This application asks for information about your finances and bills. You will need to know the balance of your mortgage (if you still owe on one) and what the monthly payments are. We also ask for evidence of home owner's insurance.

  5. Veterans will have to give proof of "Honorable Discharge", so we ask you to ensure you have a DD214 or similar document for our assessor to view during their visit

  6. Once we have received your application we will review your eligibility. The next steps depend on the funding source for your repairs. 

  7. HUD funded projects have to go through an Environmental Review, once the historical resources review is completed. This review can take several months, we do ask for patience during this time, as we have no control as to the length of this process. 

  8. Repairs funded through grants funding do not require an Environmental review

  9. Once an application is approved and results from any Environmental Review are returned, we will schedule a second house visit with a contractor to get a quote for the work. 

  10. Once quotes are approved, we will write a Partnership Agreement between the homeowner and Habitat SHR that details the scope of work and that there will be no cost to the homeowner, so long as they certify that they will remain in the house a minimum of five years after the repairs are completed.

  11. Our contractor will schedule work with you, and we will make periodic checks to take progress photos and to ensure the work it is being done to our standards.

  12. At the completion of the work we will take final pictures and finalize your project. 

If you have questions about our home repair program or to learn how you can help please email:


What We Repair

We do have a set monetary limit on what we can spend on each home for repairs.
You may be denied services if your repairs needs exceed that set budget.
The following is a list of examples of the repairs we are able to help with.

If your needs are not listed, they may be still covered, this is not an all inclusive list. 

  1. HVAC, heat pump, furnace, boiler Heater repairs/replacement

  2. Water heaters repairs/replacement

  3. Modify for ADA bathrooms

  4. Install wheelchair ramps

  5. Replace roof

  6. Repair/ replace fascia, soffit, rake board trim

  7. Repair/replace front porch stoops

  8. Install/replace/repair gutters

  9. Install/repair unsafe or wood rotted windows, doors

  10. Plumbing repairs, like leaking pipes

  11. Electrical repairs, such as bad circuits 


The cost to repair foundations far exceeds our limited budget. If you have any of the following issues, you likely need foundation work and we are not likely to be able to assist you:

  1. Exterior Cracks. 

  2. Interior Sheetrock Cracks. 

  3. Doors Out of Square and Uneven Floors. 

  4. Door Frame/Window Frame Separation from Brick. 

  5. Rotten Wood – Pier & Beams.

  6. Bouncing floors – Rotten Wood.

Additional Repairs We CANNOT Assist with:

  1. ​Strictly cosmetic issues, such as interior paint not tied to an approved repair, replacing kitchen cabinets.

  2. Repairs to decks, not a part of main entrance to home. 

  3. Landscaping to include fences, and driveways. 

  4. Major fire or water damage to home. 

We have a limited budget for all projects. Should the work needed to ensure your home is warm, safe, and dry exceeds that budget, we may not be able to assist you. 

We are sorry, but due to the high volume of requests for repairs we have received, we are NOT accepting requests for repairs at this time. 

If you complete the request form at this time, you WILL NOT be added to the waitlist. Please check back at a later date.

You will be contacted on whether or not you have cleared our initial screening for assistance by email  so, please be sure to check your email regularly after completing the form.

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