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This Week in Construction - Stonehurst, Chesapeake (June 30th)

After 3 months of waiting for our funding to come through from the city, we are gearing up for our next build in the South Norfolk neighborhood of Chesapeake. This week our Red Hats helped us set the temporary electrical pole and the silt fence. We are still waiting for the as-build survey, so that we can get permits to start clearing the lot, and digging the footings.

We are starting to schedule volunteer opportunities for the coming months in construction, and will be building 4-5 days per week in order to meet the city's contracted deadline for the HUD funding at the end of September. So, there will be plenty of opportunities for volunteers to come out and build with us.

If you are interesting in scheduling a group build, complete our group request form which can be located here. We are also scheduling Team Builds, paid sponsored builds for companies looking to help build teamwork among there associates while helping Habitat SHR build our homes. For information about Team Builds, and to schedule one, contact our Volunteer Manager and Construction Supervisor at Individuals not a part of a group or Team Build can also volunteer with us by registering for public spots on our construction schedule. To become a volunteer, complete a volunteer application here. Our volunteer schedule can be located here.

Red Hats setting the temp power post into the ground.



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