This Week In Construction - Stonehurst, Chesapeake (August 24th, 2019)

We are off to a great start on our Stonehurst project in Chesapeake. After five and a half months of waiting, we finally had a foundation to build on. Our Red Hats and students from Home Builders Institute (HBI) got us started with setting the sills and building the girders on Wednesday. On Thursday, we were joined by the Wells Fargo Team Build where we continued setting the girders and got the first floor joists set and started getting the sub-floor down.

Friday, we were joined by Solitude Lake Management employees for a group build. We got all of the exterior and interior walls set. On Saturday, our Red Hats straightened, squared, plumbed, and braced the first floor walls before starting to sheath the exterior. We are looking forward to continuing work on the first floor and getting the second floor joists set so we can begin setting the sub-floor and raising the second floor walls this week.

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