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This Week In Construction - Pitchkettle Road (2/23/20)

Out at Pitchkettle Road in Suffolk, our electrical, mechanical, and plumbing sub-contractors have completed their rough-in work. This week, our wallboard will be going in. Our volunteers have been working hard on the outside of the house, installing the siding. Once the wallboard is up, we are looking forward to our build sponsor's, Birdsong Peanuts' Team Build. They will be priming and painting the interior walls. We are also going to be holding our International Women Build Week in partnership with Lowe's Home Improvement Stores during the first week of March.

Lowe's provided Habitat SHR with a $5000 grant in order to hold the week of builds. On Wednesday, March 4th, Lowe's associates from the Lowe's located on Portsmouth Blvd. in Chesapeake will be helping us finish the siding during their Team Build. On Friday and Saturday (the 6th and 7th), we will have additional builds open to other women to come out and help us continue installing the siding and building the front and back porches.

We are on track to finish the home by the end of March for the Jordan family to close on the house in April.



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