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This Week In Construction - Pitchkettle Road (1/21/20)

This week on Pitchkettle Road, we made more great progress on the build with the help of all our awesome volunteers. We continued framing the house with the help of our Red Hats, Home Builders Institute students and volunteers from the Portsmouth Service League.

On Wednesday, the interior walls were raised. The volunteers then got to work on making sure every wall was made plumb, straight, and square before bracing them all. Once everything was braced, the exterior walls started to get their sheathing. The volunteers nailed off the sheathing like pros. Then, because our trusses were delivered early, we were able to get started getting them set on Friday.

We’ll be painting the walls in no time at this pace. Don’t miss out on this build. Hop onto our volunteer page and register to volunteer now, before it’s all done. Don’t worry though, we already have our next build in the pipeline, so there will be plenty of opportunities to come out to a build site!



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