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The Amazing Red Hats Do It Again

The Coles have been amazing neighbors at our Lake Kennedy project site. They kept an eye on all of our build sites, helped haul a trailer for our Blitz Build, welcomed all of their new neighbors and made them feel at home, and generally just keep the neighborhood safe.

Because of their kindness, the Red Hats wanted to do something nice for the Coles as thanks for all they've done for Habitat SHR. The Red Hats noticed that the Coles' shed was in dire need of replacement. The Red Hats donated all of the materials and their time to build a new shed for the Coles. Mrs. Cole was very excited to accept the key to her new shed from our Red Hats.

It's because of amazing deeds such as this one, where the Red Hats went above and beyond in our community, that we love them so much. Thank you Red Hats, you are awesome!



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