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Leading Change: Launching the Blue Hat Pilot Program at our Norfolk ReStore

Get ready to witness the birth of a transformative movement right in the heart of Norfolk! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Blue Hat Pilot Program at our 900 Tidewater Drive ReStore location. But wait, there's more – as the program gains momentum and a team of exceptional Blue Hats, we're gearing up to expand it to our Virginia Beach ReStore. Let's delve into the exciting journey that's about to unfold!

Pioneering Change at 900 Tidewater Drive

Our Norfolk ReStore is more than just a thrift store; it's a hub of change and empowerment. With the introduction of the Blue Hat Pilot Program, this location is set to become a beacon of leadership and community engagement. Blue Hat volunteers will be at the forefront, taking charge of responsibilities that go beyond the ordinary, shaping a unique experience for fellow volunteers and customers alike.

From Norfolk to Virginia Beach: A Vision of Growth

As the Blue Hat Pilot Program takes its first steps at the Norfolk ReStore, we're already envisioning its expansion to our Virginia Beach ReStore. Once we've honed our approach, built a full team of passionate Blue Hats, and witnessed the impact firsthand, we're excited to extend this transformative opportunity to another vibrant community.

Creating a Ripple Effect of Change

The Blue Hat Pilot Program is more than just a volunteer initiative; it's a catalyst for change that ripples through our ReStores and beyond. By starting at the heart of Norfolk, we're building a foundation that will spread, inspiring others to step up, make a difference, and contribute to a brighter future for families in need.

Building a Legacy of Leadership

With each Blue Hat that joins our team, a legacy of leadership is being crafted. These volunteers are not only fulfilling responsibilities; they're taking on roles that shape the way our ReStores function, the experiences of our volunteers, and the impact we have on the community. This legacy will carry forward, inspiring others to step into leadership roles and create a lasting positive influence.

Get Involved: Don Your Blue Hat Today

Are you ready to be part of history in the making? Do you have a passion for community, leadership, and meaningful change? The Blue Hat Pilot Program is inviting you to take the leap and become a transformative force at our Norfolk ReStore. Join us in pioneering a movement that's set to transform lives, one blue hat at a time.

Stay Tuned for the Expansion

As the Blue Hat Pilot Program flourishes and proves its mettle, we're gearing up to expand its reach. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we prepare to bring this empowering experience to our Virginia Beach ReStore. Together, we're creating a future where homes are built, communities are strengthened, and lives are transformed.

Embrace the Blue Hat Spirit

The Blue Hat Pilot Program is more than just a volunteer opportunity; it's an invitation to lead, to inspire, and to make a tangible difference. Join us at our Norfolk ReStore and help shape the future of Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads. Together, we're setting a course for lasting change and remarkable growth, all under the iconic shade of the Blue Hat.


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