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Kaitlin McCracken - Intern Extrodinaire

This summer, we had an awesome intern, Kaitlin McCracken, who assisted in our volunteer and construction offices. Kaitlin was a valuable asset. She helped record a year's worth of ReStore volunteer hours, helped answer inquiries about group volunteer opportunities, and helped set up our new Norfolk ReStore volunteer sign-in kiosk. Kaitlin also organized our storage room and office supplies over the course of three days and helped organize our construction truck. She helped us dismantle our wheelchair ramp in preparation for its reconstruction, and finally had a chance to make it out to the build site and assisted with the Geico Team Build.

It is with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye for now this past Friday as Kaitlin is heading back to Colorado Christian University, where she will be starting her second year of study. We hope Kaitlin will come back during visits to her family to build with us and wish her the best during her coming school year.



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