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IBTTA Day of Service

IBTTA is holding their Maintenance Roadway Operations Workshop this week here in Norfolk, and they reached out to HabitatSHR for a day of service prior to their week of workshops. They wanted to bring 60 volunteers to do some much needed maintenance and organization of our offices. They arranged for donations of services, materials, and funding to complete several projects at our offices and ReStore. As part of their contribution, they arranged for our construction side parking lot to be repaved, a new perimeter fence to be installed along with a new gate, striping of our main parking lot, and added new parking bumpers.

Today, they brought 60 volunteers who helped frame the walls of our next house, re-decked and added new rails to our wheelchair ramp, set the posts for the new fence as well as stretching one section of the chain link fence, cleaned up the back slab of our ReStore, and organized our miscellaneous small merchandise tables.

We were so excited when they contacted us and offering to fund everything that their volunteers helped us to complete today. But even more so appreciative of all of the hard work their members put in today completing all of the proposed tasks. They were amazing volunteers, hard working and dedicated. We were grateful that they contacted us for their day of service and they are more than welcome to come back and volunteer again.

We would also like to thank employees of Spartan Nash who came out for their Helping Hands Day and helped us prepare the wheelchair ramp by removing the old deck boards in preparation for today's IBTTA event.



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