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Grab Your Clubs and Open This Blog!

The Sixth Annual Habitat for Heroes Golf Tournament is scheduled for Thursday, September 19, 2019 at Sewell’s Point Golf Course in Norfolk, VA. This annual tournament is hosted by the US Naval Academy Alumni Association Hampton Roads Chapter.

 The mission of the Tournament is to support Habitat for Humanity, South Hampton Roads in its efforts to raise funds to provide affordable housing solutions for Veteran families in the South Hampton Roads community.

Habitat SHR is committed, through its program of a Hand-up; not a Hand-out, of providing families with an opportunity to share in the American Dream of homeownership-–especially local Veterans. Many of these families are unable to obtain conventional home financing as they cannot afford the costs associated with traditional homeownership mortgages.

Habitat SHR addresses this need by selling affordable homes with affordable financing to low-income families.

The Habitat for Heroes Annual Golf Tournament is our flagship fundraising initiative dedicated to serving our local Veteran families. 

Register your team or sponsor here.



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