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Geico Team Build - Stonehurst Street

This week, after waiting for 5 months of red tape and dotting our I's and crossing our T's, we finally got our building permit for our Stonehurst Street project in the South Norfolk neighborhood of Chesapeake. We are still waiting for the weather to cooperate with us so that we can pour our footings and start laying the block foundation.

Geico's Interns got us off to a good start on our home. They came out on Friday, August 2nd to erect the back fence. They had to first clear away the fill dirt and the backfill sand that had been delivered and set right across the fence line. The interns were good sports about having to start with this first step. Their next task was to locate where the fence posts were going to go and start digging. Meanwhile, while the posts were being set, some of the interns were cutting the fence slats and putting dog ears on them. After lunch, the fence was assembled.

Thanks to Geico for sending another awesome hard working group of interns for their Team Build. For information on scheduling a Team Build, go here.



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