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Building Hope Together: Join Habitat for Humanity SHR's Inspiring Team Builds

Are you seeking a meaningful way to boost employee morale while making a positive impact in your community? Look no further than Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads' (Habitat SHR) Team Build program. Our Team Builds offer a unique opportunity for corporate groups and organizations to come together, roll up their sleeves, and contribute to the construction of affordable homes for deserving families.

What is a Team Build? A Habitat SHR Team Build is more than just a construction project – it's a chance to foster teamwork, camaraderie, and a sense of accomplishment among your colleagues. By participating in a Team Build, your group can experience a fulfilling day on one of our construction sites, working alongside experienced Construction Staff and Red Hat Crew Leaders to build a better future for local families in need.

Flexible Packages for Every Group We understand that different groups have varying needs and sizes. That's why our Team Build program offers flexibility in both donation amounts and group sizes:

  • $3,500 Package: Accommodates up to 12 volunteers

  • $5,000 Package: Welcomes up to 20 volunteers

Additionally, we offer customized packages for larger groups to ensure that every participant has a meaningful experience.

Corporate Giving and Philanthropic Focus Many corporations have chosen to partner with us by hosting multiple Team Build events throughout the year, making Habitat SHR their annual philanthropic focus. These ongoing partnerships not only strengthen community ties but also allow companies to invest in the well-being of the neighborhoods they serve.

Your Benefits Beyond Giving Back When you participate in a Habitat SHR Team Build, your donations go beyond defraying the cost of construction. We want to express our gratitude for your commitment by offering:

  • Habitat SHR Volunteer T-Shirt: Each volunteer will receive a commemorative t-shirt as a token of appreciation.

  • Provided Meals and Refreshments: Enjoy a provided lunch, snacks, and water during your day of building.

  • Social Media Recognition: Your group will be recognized on our Habitat SHR social media accounts, showcasing your dedication to community building.

  • Guidance from Experts: Benefit from exclusive instruction and leadership provided by our experienced Construction Staff and Red Hat Crew Leaders.

  • Optional Tool Demonstration: Learn the tools of the trade with an optional tool demonstration, enhancing the educational aspect of your experience.

  • Memorable Keepsake: Receive a framed and digital picture of your group on the work site, capturing the essence of your teamwork and contribution.

Ready to Build? Contact Us Today! To learn more about scheduling your own Habitat SHR Team Build or to explore the possibilities for your group, please reach out to us at

We're excited to work with you to create an unforgettable day of building hope, homes, and community bonds.

At Habitat SHR, we believe that together, we can create lasting change and build a brighter future for South Hampton Roads. Join us in making a difference through the power of teamwork and compassion.



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