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Veteran Programs

Supporting Veterans and Military Families

It is an honor and a privilege for Habitat SHR to help create affordable housing solutions for low-income Veteran families in the South Hampton Roads. Since 1988, ten houses have been built for veteran families; six within the last eight years.

To ensure the success of this initiative, Habitat SHR is actively seeking financial and in-kind resources for future Habitat for Heroes builds. It is our goal to continue to serve those who have served us. If you would like to support this program and local Veterans, please contact  development@shrhabitat.org.

Habitat SHR accepts applications year-round for Veteran families interested in becoming Habitat homeowners. Qualified Veteran families have a member who served in the military and possesses an Honorable Discharge, who is in the Reserve or Guard or is a widow/widower head-of-household of a Veterans if they haven’t remarried. Families must have lived or worked in the South Hampton Roads service area for at least one year prior to applying.


Veteran families will be selected for the Habitat for Heroes program according to the same standard Habitat SHR criteria.

Habitat for Heroes Sponsors
Golf Tournaments

Habitat SHR is pleased to partner with the US Naval Academy Alumni Association Hampton Roads Chapter to present the Annual Habitat for Heroes Golf Tournaments held in September of each year at Sewell’s Point Golf Course, Norfolk, VA.


The tournament helps raise awareness and funding for the Habitat for Heroes' Veteran Program. This allows sponsors, donors, and friends of Habitat and the USNAAA Chapter to enjoy a day on the greens while supporting the building of affordable Veteran housing using the Habitat Model of a “Hand-up; not a Hand-out.”



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