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Become a Stud Sponsor

With a donation of just $100 or more your company/group can sponsor a stud!

All Stud Sponsors will have a 2x4 stud delivered to their place of business. Employees or group members are encouraged to sign the stud and add their logo in the center of the stud. Words of encouragement are also encouraged!

Once the stud is ready, we will return to pick up the stud and will even bring some hard hats and hammers to have your team or group pose for a photo!


Your stud will then be used to help frame the next Habitat home and will be part of a special “topping out” ceremony to mark the occasion and your generosity!

All stud sponsors will also receive a special shout out during our upcoming Hammers and Hops fundraising event on September 28th at 80/20 Burger Bar in Norfolk.

Sponsor Now!

Your donation goes directly to supporting Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Road’s mission of bringing hope and homes to the region. Thank you again!


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