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We Need Your Help to  Go Greener

Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads not only builds homes, but also builds communities, and we are always looking for ways we can help the environment. One way we can do this is by going even greener than we already have been.


There are simple things we can all do to help reduce our carbon footprint. Some steps which Habitat SHR has already taken include:


  • Through the resale of donated gently used furniture, appliances, and more in our ReStores, we are helping keep tons of material out of our landfills, and encouraging everyone to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose.

  • We salvage metal, wire, and motors from donations we’re unable to sell at our ReStores, and take them to a recycling center for cash.

  • On our build sites and rehabs, we are reclaiming scrap copper wire and piping and taking them to the metal recycling centers. We minimize the amount of lumber we purchase to just what we need, and make use of the scraps for blocking and other applications to reduce waste.

  • Our “Cans for Cash” program encourages the community to bring their aluminum cans to us, and we in turn take them to a recycling center for cash, keeping even more waste out of our landfills.

  • We have already taken steps towards making our building more energy efficient. We’ve installed UV window film to our large, west facing ReStore windows. This single step alone helped reduce our energy usage by 4.7% (1).  By replacing leaking, badly sealed windows and doors with new airtight doors and better insulated walls with smaller windows, we have helped further reduce our energy usage.

  • We even turn off lights in our offices when not in use.

However, we want to be even better stewards of our environment by installing solar panels on the roof of our office/Norfolk ReStore location. BUT first, our aging roof needs to be replaced, and brought up to current code with better insulation. We are asking our community to come together and help us raise $250K to make that necessary replacement.


Once we have a new roof, through a combination of programs, with no cash out of pocket to us, we will be able to have solar panels installed and we will greatly reduce our use of electricity from fossil fuels.

Your donations will not only help replace our roof, but will help bring our insulation levels to current code, making our building more energy efficient.  With improved roof insulation, our carbon footprint will be reduced even during the winter months when we use natural gas for heating.


Once the replacement is completed, by adding solar panels to our roof we could then be reducing our CO2 emissions by about 402 tons/year (2). That’s just under half the current carbon footprint we create using electricity from a fossil fuel. Plus, the environmental implications from the energy savings met by the better insulation of our building alone has a direct impact on global climate change simply because less energy consumption means less emission of greenhouse gases.

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