900 Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, VA 23504

Registered Nonprofit: 54-1476409

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Financial Overview

Here at Habitat SHR, we are committed to making sure that 86% of all donations received to support our housing programs. That means that 86% of every donation directly funds the creation of homeownership opportunities for hardworking, low-income families right here in South Hampton Roads.



When you donate to Habitat SHR, you can trust that you’re making a contribution to a sound organization with a stable financial future. Habitat SHR generates income to maintain expenses and to fund invaluable building programs in a variety of ways:


  • collecting mortgage payments from homeowners

  • fundraising, receiving grant funding from local governments

  • harnessing profits from our two retail store locations.


The statement of financial position outlines the organization’s assets and program revenue from our last audited fiscal year, ending in June 2018.

FY 2019 Audited
2018 Form 990
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